//Lending A Hand and Improving Homes

Lending A Hand and Improving Homes

Habitat for Humanity Fresno County provides programs to help those in need, in beautifying their homes and neighborhoods.

Home is certainly where the heart is, as many home-owners and renters alike pour all of their heart into making their residences as warm, comforting, and inviting as possible. Sometimes, this is as simple as providing a hot, home-cooked meal for loved ones and other times, it’s a little more complicated than that. Turning a house into a home can become a rather hefty endeavor full of painting, sometimes a little light construction (or heavy, depending on how daring you are) and often, hauling around furniture of various sizes and shapes. For many, this is a challenge met enthusiastically – often leaping ahead at full speed – but for some, it lives as more of wishful thinking rather than a total possibility.

Upkeep can be a difficult task when there’s no one to help you, and even more difficult if the cost of such repair or revitalization is way beyond your income. Often, certain neighborhoods and homes can fall behind simply because assistance isn’t available. Fortunately, one local organization has made it their business to provide such assistance for homeowners in the Fresno County area.

Habitat for Humanity Senior Paint Program

Habitat for Humanity Fresno County is a firm believer that safe and affordable housing is not only new construction but also the preservation of existing housing stock. In the effort to accomplish that, Habitat for Humanity Fresno County Neighborhood Revitalization team will go into neighborhoods of the city of Fresno in search of seniors that are in need to repaint their homes. Habitat for Humanity Fresno County Senior Paint program aims at helping income eligible seniors continue to live independently in their own homes, but more importantly, enjoy the complete exterior makeover which will enrich their lives and positively affect the neighborhoods.

The program will bring hundreds of volunteers from local businesses, churches, companies and schools to mask, prime, and paint over 50 homes in the City of Fresno at no cost to the homeowner. In addition, Habitat for Humanity Fresno County Neighborhood Revitalization Team will offer senior residents an Acts of Kindness which is a minor beautification project as yard clean up, fence painting or minor trash removal.

To qualify for the Senior Paint Program, homeowners must: own and occupy a single-family home built after 1978, be 62 years of age or older and must meet income requirements of 80 percent of Fresno Area median income, as established by HUD.

If you have a neighbor, friend, or family member who could benefit from this program, or if you yourself are an eligible homeowner, call office at 559-237-4102 ext. 102 or email marina@habitatfresno.org for further information or to request an application. The application is also available for download online at http://www.habitatfresno.org/paint

Habitat for Humanity Fresno County’s A-OK

Acts of Kindness project (A-OK) is a random act of kindness and a community development project for residents in disadvantaged neighborhoods of Fresno. The initiative brings together Habitat staff, partners and volunteers to provide services to the residents and bring resources to them. Habitat for Humanity Fresno County Neighborhood Revitalization Team goes to a neighborhood twice a week and carries out beautification projects, such as interior/exterior painting, yard work, lawn mowing, minor fence repairs, etc.

Habitat Neighborhood Revitalization team, with the help of volunteers and donors, has already completed over 90 projects, serving more than 200 families.

You can request an A-OK for yourself or someone you know by visiting our website and filling out an interest form at http://www.habitatfresno.org/actofkindness

You can also call the office at 559-237-4102 ext. 105 or email youa@habitatfresno.org for further information.