//2 Love or 2 Hate

2 Love or 2 Hate

by Anglia Walpool

2 Love or 2 Hate is the electrifying goth-rock band currently rocking the Central Valley and captivating large audiences. It’s an explosive and, what some would consider, an addicting kind of sound that explores the depth behind the concepts of ‘love’ and ‘hate.’ Industrial, electronic, brooding, dark.. these are just a few adjectives that only begin to describe the music 2 Love or 2 Hate creates. And they’re doing it all out of Hanford, CA.

The initial beginnings of the group started out like any other, with passion. David Buyense (vocals/programming) and Julie Nevea Rios (Vocals) have a deeply shared appreciation and love for music with a goth-rock atmosphere. As they decided to write together, the songs developed with a unique sound. Soon they had a new project with a new direction and sound they wanted to expand. Bassist, Michael Areklett, was quickly recruited to the project. Areklett is the former longtime member of ‘London After Midnight’, which had a presence in the LA music scene going as far back as the late 90s. Not long after Arkelett joined the group did Anthony Detroit find himself recruited to 2 Love or 2 Hate as the resident drummer. DeTroia’s background is similar to what the new project was focused on, new-wave, electronic and futuristic pop with former band ‘The Chamberlains’. Guitarist, Fernando, added the finishing touches to round out the band you see on stage today as 2 Love or 2 Hate.

“When I listen to 2 Love or 2 Hate I am always blown away. David Buyers has an extraordinary voice, it provides the most dubious pleasure of enjoying music far ahead of its time,” offered Fresno City College student Amy Kendrick, who’s also a die-hard fan.

Since forming the band in 2014, 2 Love or 2 Hate has made quite the impression with their songs ‘Heaven and Hell’, ‘Ruin’, ‘Bow Down’, and ‘Slip’ just to name a few. All of these and more can be found on Spotify if you’re eager to skip ahead and check out the band while you’re finishing this article.

For any band, live performances are a huge part of getting your name out there. And even though the group was created just 2 years ago, each of the musicians have already acquired some hard earned experience prior to joining 2 Love or 2 Hate from their work in previous projects. As most bands strive for perfection with performances or even perfection at a perceived ‘looseness’, they’ve learned to let go. For 2 Love or 2 Hate, there are “no mistakes on stage.”

“We just keep going. There are no ‘mistakes on stage. It’s all a live representation of a moment or 2 in creation. Being on stage is like a war; there will be blood, bruises, fire and things that go wrong… and that’s what makes it all go right. It’s how we feel at the time and we interpret it that matters,” explains Rios.

The approach they take with their live performances isn’t just a mantra to live by, but something to experience as well. It lends something unique that the audience can feel.

“Powerful performance to say the least, very dark melodic with electronic melodies that cut deep within the confines of our souls,” says local fan, Christina Death.

With all that being said, it still doesn’t solve the issue of pre-performance jitters, something almost all artists can agree to an affliction.

“I can only answer for myself, and the answer is YES. But I think it’s more of a rush of anticipation, which means good nerves,” Rios continued. And on the topic of experience and getting started? “We are all beginners. Stay humble. The other thing is ugly.”

The electrifying band always leave their fans begging for more. 2 LOVE OR 2 HATE  have also made a guest appearance on Sick Wit It! A local comedy variety show performing their hit song “Heaven or Hell” which you’ll be able to find on Comcast channel 93 or AT&T Uverse channel 99 on Saturdays and Thursdays at 8pm and 11:30pm.

If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy the electrifying goth-rock band, you can find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.