//An Evening of Chicago-Style Comedy

An Evening of Chicago-Style Comedy

Saturday, July 7 at the John Wright Theatre – 7 pm

The guest artists for “Chicago-Style Comedy” are here, and they’re bringing the party to CSU Summer Arts. Trained in the mystic arts of improv, comedy writing, and sketch, these actors have years of experience in the world of professional comedy. They’ve trained with Second City, The Annoyance, and iO; now they’re bravely voyaging to Fresno to let us in on the joke. They deliver a motley mix of improvisation, sketch, and performance games the likes of which Summer Arts has never seen before.

David Razowsky brings to light the techniques of improvisation he’s acquired performing with the likes of Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, and Amy Sedaris. His teaching emphasizes the “present presence” of the actor and puts honesty over gimmicks. Rachel Hamilton, who Tina Fey calls “brilliant at long-form, short form and musical improv,” graces us with her presence and her deep respect for the gifts of improv acting. The dynamic comedy duo of Amy Seeley and Mike Ross perform, demonstrating the comedic excellence they’ve channeled in their original sketch show and sci-fi comedy web series.

Together these artists share Chicago’s unique brand of stage comedy. Chicago’s rich theatre scene contains companies like Second City that have trained some of the nation’s most famous actors and writers. Emphasizing the relationships at the core of every scene, the Chicago-style of comedy allows artists to channel their personalities into hilarious characters and scenarios. From moment to moment, the actor is truthful and aware, discovering the scene as it unfolds along with the audience. For the unacquainted, it’s a totally unique way to experience comedy.

These guest artists bring Fresno a memorable evening of merriment and frivolity. They showcase the thrill and immediacy of improv, and wit honed by decades of practice and experience. For one night, they create an experience perfect for students of comedy or anyone who likes to have a great time. Their performances are instructive but entertaining, sowing the seeds of comedic excellence in a new environment.

Tickets for this event can be found at www.csusummerarts.org