//Celebrate Pride with a Green Twist: How Cannabis & Art is bringing the LGBTQ Community Together Year Round

Celebrate Pride with a Green Twist: How Cannabis & Art is bringing the LGBTQ Community Together Year Round

June is Pride month and here at The Artist Tree, we’re celebrating early with a special Pride Artist Showcase starting in May. Visitors to our Fresno retail store and art gallery can enjoy unique works of art by LGBTQ identifying artists and allies to the community. 

We are excited to share all the ways cannabis and art can bring us together not only during Pride month but in our everyday lives. Cannabis has played a significant role in the LGBTQ community, helping people to connect, create and celebrate. In many ways, cannabis served as a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity, much like the LGBTQ movement.

Today, and everyday, we’re inspired to share that message and to encourage individuality and inclusivity across all genders, cultures and free spirits. Join us in celebrating at our Pride Artist Showcase now until July 31.

Pride Artist Showcase

 featured artists

Dave Emmet is a punk-science-fiction artist who uses fluid pour-painting techniques to create nebulae, wormholes, planetscapes, and all things alien on canvas. He aims for vibes that are loud, vibrant, disruptive, and alive. 

“You can use exactly the same color palette and exactly the same technique while listening to exactly the same background music and you’ll get a different piece each time. Every painting is its own universe.”

—Dave  Emmett

David Woodland’s earliest memories are of that decade’s biggest stories: Watergate, Vietnam, the Black Panther Party, the Manson Trials, local news/daily life in NYC, and the bizarre world of 70’s children’s shows (e.g. The Electric Company) as seen through the bluish glow of his low-income family’s black & white TV set. He paints these images exactly as they exist in his memory: incomplete, hazy, blue, dark (literally and figuratively) with more than a hint of Hopper-esque loneliness. 

“I guess you could say I am stuck in the 70’s.”

— David Woodland

Joanna Chrys is a mixed media artist presently focused on creating colorful and textural painted worlds on canvas. Joanna uses dots of acrylic paint to compose and layer her art, creating highly texturized, surreal surfaces. In her fine art practice, Joanna uses complex and rhythmic body action, geometry, and psychedelic, cosmic patterns to create paintings that illustrate an “amplified interpretation of emotion.”

“Each immersive composition is a physical manifestation of an autonomous state of mind,”

— Joanna Chrys

We believe cannabis can be an important tool for self-exploration and personal growth and creativity. No matter if you are sharing a joint, or sharing creative ideas, The Artist Tree is a safe and inclusive space for cannabis to be reimagined. We look forward to guiding you towards your next elevated experience.