//Dave’s Sweet Picks

Dave’s Sweet Picks

By Dave Fountinelle | dave@fresnoflyer.com

Kogetsu-Do Confectionary

920 F Street, Fresno



Hours: Friday – Tuesday, 9am-1pm

Traditional Japanese Confections, Ice Cream, Sno Cones

Sugimatsu Ikeda first opened Kogetsu-Do on Kern Street in Fresno in 1915. Shortly after, they found their forever home on F Street in 1920, where his granddaughter Lynn Ikeda runs the shop today. For 107 years and counting, they have been making mochi, manju, and ice cream using the same recipes handed down for three generations. Even the syrup in their sno-cones comes from the original Ikeda family recipe. Mochi is a rice cake steamed and pounded into a chewy, elastic paste, then molded into various shapes. When used as a confection, mochi is wrapped around fillings such as red bean paste, fresh fruits, and ice cream. Manju is similar to mochi, except it’s prepared with flour instead of rice (Kagetsu-Do uses cake flour) and red bean paste. Manju confections are also filled with sweet ingredients. 

Kogetsu-Do is the only traditional Japanese confectionery in the San Joaquin Valley and one of only a handful in the country that prepares the traditional New Year’s mochi and rice cakes. During the warm summer months, Kagetsu-Do serves sno-cones with homemade lemon or strawberry syrup. You can even order your sno-cone with an ice cream or sorbet scoop in the middle as an added treat. They have been a not-so-hidden gem in Fresno’s Chinatown for decades. Loyal customers know to get there early because the lines are long and they sell out fast. And if your favorite flavor happens to be sold out, fear not; Kogetsu-do will take large-quantity and special orders as long as you call about two or three days ahead.

La Luna Bakery and Cafe

2421 E. Clinton Ave, Fresno

(559) 230-1569


IG: @labakeryandcafe

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 6am – 8pm. Sunday, 6am – 7pm

Traditional Oaxacan bread, pastries, food

La Luna Bakery and Cafe serves a wide assortment of fresh-baked bread and pastries. Everything from traditional sweet rolls, conchas, cookies, and cakes to soft boleo rolls and fritangas (Mexican fritters with sweet or savory fillings) are all made fresh daily. They also serve a mouth-watering menu of lunch and dinner items, including tortas, tacos, burritos, seafood, sandwiches, paninis, and more. Feel free to pair them with a refreshing horchata, comforting champurrado, coffee, tea, or an ice-cold soda. And don’t forget to take a bag full of pan desserts home to enjoy later. La Luna Bakery and Cafe is a must-try for anyone who wants to experience an authentic taste of traditional Oaxacan flavors, from breakfast to dinner.

Yava Bakery and Cafe

7775 N. Palm Ave, Fresno

(559) 840-2101


IG: @yavabakery


Hours: Daily 6am – 6:30pm

Mediterranean Bakery and Cafe

Yava Bakery and Cafe celebrated its first anniversary in August, and in just one year, it has managed the impressive feat of becoming one of Fresno’s most popular and Insta-worthy dining spots. Yava creates traditional Mediterranean dishes fused with French, Italian, Asian, and Mexican-inspired twists. You can order a lasagna bolognese, Mediterranean birria tacos, a Thai beef salad, a brioche French toast dipped in caramelized sugar and rose water, cardamom and date pancakes, a beef shawarma scramble, and, of course, avocado toast that will be the envy of your social media followers list. And this is just a tiny sample of Yava’s tempting menu offerings.

Not to be outdone by its mouth-watering meals, Yava also serves one of the best cups of coffee you will find anywhere in the city. Customers rave about Yava’s specialty coffees, such as the Yava orange latte and the spiced cocoa mocha. And their Arabic coffee is rich and robust, with a perfect kick to start your morning. Yava also offers a variety of fresh smoothies with intriguing flavors like olive oil milkshake and lemon mint avocado.

From the clean and casual ambiance to the exceptional service to the stunning and delectable menu, Yava is the perfect spot for an upscale breakfast, a fun brunch with friends, a casual business lunch, family get-togethers, or to simply have a truly one of a kind dining experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Cum With Me 559

506 E. Olive, Fresno

(559) 515-6012

IG: @sexypancakes559 


Hours: Monday – Thursday, 11am – 8pm, Friday Saturday – 4pm – 1:30am, Sunday, 11am – 5pm

Erotic-themed bakery

Maria Silva is not someone who likes to be told “no.” So, when her husband said “no” to her idea of opening an erotic-themed pancake bakery, Silva went right out and did precisely that. Starting with a pancake stand at ArtHop and other events, the buzz around Silva’s sexy, sweet, and delicious treats spread quickly. In July, Cum With Me 559 officially opened its brick-and-mortar location in the Tower District. 

Silva makes her pancake batter from scratch, then cooks it in specially-designed molds to make “D” pops and “V” pops served on a stick or “dirty pillows.” You can use your imagination to figure out what body parts those terms refer to. Once the sexy pancakes are out of the mold, customers can eat them plain or top them with various frosting, syrups, or even cereal. 

Since opening its Tower location, Cum With Me 559 has blown up on social media, with several Central Valley foodie influencers featuring the titillating treats on their TikToks. However, all that social media hype wouldn’t amount to a hill of dirty pillows if the pancakes came up short in flavor. Fortunately, Silva’s creations taste as good as they look, and the reviews have been glowing. If you’re looking for a fun and tasty treat, a sexy and silly gift idea, or a dessert on a stick that will surely turn heads, Cum With Me 559 has got you covered. All puns intended.

Alchemist Coffee Lab

1306 N Wishon Ave, Fresno


IG: @alchemistcoffeelab


Artisan coffee, tea, pastries, and more

For owner Hamzeh Mahmoud, getting into the coffee business happened a bit by accident. The former Bullard High student moved to Jordan after graduation and began grinding his own beans out of frustration – not a  decent cup of coffee was anywhere in sight. Through much trial and error, Mahmoud gradually honed his coffee brewing skills to the point that his creations were in steady demand from friends and family. Inspired by the positive feedback, Mahmoud and his business partners started Q29, which provides high-quality roasted coffee blends for various hotels and restaurants. But it was Mahmoud’s dream to open his own coffee shop, not just to showcase his unique roast blends but also the methods he uses to brew them. That dream became a reality in January when Alchemist Coffee Lab opened its doors in the Tower District. 

Aeropress, pour-over, espresso, French press, moka pot, siphon, V60, and Turkish are among the various brewing methods Mahmoud employs in his shop—guaranteeing the perfect cup for all tastes and preferences. Even the decor inside the shop evokes mad scientist themes, with pots resembling beakers and brew stations resembling chemistry sets. Mahmoud takes his coffee brewing seriously, and the results speak for themselves. Perhaps even more impressive than the coffees are the prices. These specialized, high-quality brews only set you back about $3-$5. Take that, Starbucks!

In addition to coffee, Alchemist Coffee Lab also serves chai tea, hot chocolate, matcha, hot or iced tea, lemonade, and an assortment of pastries and brunch favorites like avocado toast. If you are looking for a unique, high-quality, and surprisingly affordable cup of coffee, Alchemist Coffee Labs has cracked the formula. They also sell bags of their popular roast blends so you can enjoy your favorite flavors at home, too.