By Anglia Walpool-Greenwood | awalpool49@gmail.com

If you are looking to improve your health and lower your blood pressure in addition to shedding some unwanted pounds but don’t want a diet consistent of cardboard-tasting bland meals then RawFresno is the way to go. Chef Naomi Hendrix specializes in the most appealing and mouth-watering entrees, each dish is heart-friendly and freshly prepared with zesty flavor and unique texture.

RawFresno is located inside the luxurious Galleria in Downtown Fresno at 2405 Capitol St #103. The restaurant sports a relaxed, laid-back type of quaint atmosphere with a display of flowers and artwork coupled with excellent service with a friendly smile.

Hendrix’s journey to becoming the head chef at her own restaurant wasn’t light or easy. Her life took a drastic turn a little over a decade ago when her doctor diagnosed her with dysbiosis, a condition in which the bacteria of the gut is out of balance, creating a disturbance in the digestive system. Hendrix’s doctor immediately recommended that she eliminate gluten, sugar, dairy, vinegar, soy, wheat, and all yeast products from her diet. With such a near-exhaustive list of ingredients found in just about every modern grocery item, Hendrix’s options were whittled down to fruits, vegetables, seeds, and a variety of nuts. But with necessity comes invention.

Through diligent research, experimentation, and a few online classes that certified Hendrix as a Healing Food Specialist, she developed the beginnings of the original flavors and recipes that brands RawFresno today. Soon, Hendrix began to teach classes at Whole Foods, and members of the community took notice of her health-conscious dishes. Kaiser, recognizing the immense value in nutrient-rich, yet limited ingredient foods, invited Hendrix, at no charge, to serve up her dished at their self-hosted farmers market. As the need and demand for her unique, hard-to-find, menu items grew, Hendrix wasn’t about to back down – she turned to Craigslist for an affordable food truck, and RawFresno was born.

Traveling to multiple farmers markets roughly four times a week and favorite food truck gathering sites on the days in between, RawFresno continued to pick up traction. Now in her eighth year of business, Hendrix has added a home-based restaurant for the food truck. Fun Fact: the artwork on the wall of the restaurant’s name contains a mural in each of the letters that depict the story of Hendrix’s life with RawFresno from the beginning in the letter ‘R’ all the way to today in the letter ‘O.’

Andrew, a resident of Clovis who travels across town to partake of RawFresno’s genuinely original healthy selection, lists the wrap, hummus, and raw cracker combo as his favorites. “I was a little skeptical at first, but my wife convinced me to give it a try, and I was pleasantly surprised by how flavorful and energizing the food was. The drinks, too, are rich with natural flavors and nutrients which seem to tingle my taste buds. After eating at RawFresno, I never feel sluggish or guilty about any of my food choices there. It’s just a truly refreshing place to enjoy a peaceful environment and a healthy meal,” he raved.

RawFresno provides a variety of organic plant-based gourmet meals with super-nutritional values. Don’t forget to try out Chef Naomi’s mouth-watering desserts or the freshly made smoothies. I, myself, always enjoy a guilt-free lunch there. The entrees are filling, healthy, and delicious. For more information, you can check out RawFresno online at www.rawfresno.com