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About Us

Fresno and the Central Valley are booming with exciting and new enterprises, events, artists, restaurants, and businesses. The Fresno Flyer is about bringing those things together into one easy-to-find place. And with a heavy emphasis on supporting local. 

We’re a magazine-styled newspaper loaded with a little bit of something for everyone. Sometimes we focus on local music. Other times it’s local arts. But more often than not, it’s a mixture of things like music, entertainment, and spotlights on various non-profits, events, or even the people behind the local businesses of the Central Valley. Our goal is to connect readers like yourself to the ever-growing and evolving community around you. 

— Some Background — 

If you’ve been keeping up with your Central Valley history, then you know we were once a rag paper – a shopper, or, more specifically, a Nickel classifieds publication. We aren’t the original owners; they’ve come and gone years before we tip-toed into the industry. And we aren’t the second owners either. The Nickel changed hands on more than a few occasions by the time we took hold of things in 2014. 

Founders, Lisa Talley and Kalian Tharp, saw a growing need to provide the greater Fresno area with a substantial publication that serves as a reflection of the Central Valley – they just needed good bones to get started. The Nickel was it. And over two years, Lisa and Kalian found their footing and completely flipped the business model to breathe life into their dream. The Fresno Flyer emerged in 2016.

So, if you’re wondering, we’re not a chain, a franchise, or a corporate giant. We’re a completely independent, self-made, small, local business.

Provided to the public for free, the Flyer serves to echo the undeniably unique and pervading culture here – the underground, the shared struggles, and shared celebrations – in all the communities, not just north of Shaw. With an inclusive ethos, we hope to one day share the stories of all the big little cities that make up this eclectic and diverse quilt we call the Central San Joaquin Valley.

We’re happy you’ve found us, and we hope you keep reading. We’re excited to show you what comes next.