Our readers come back to us time and time again, and not just for the engaging content. They pick up our paper because they’re looking for restaurants to try, places to visit, and great deals happening in their neighborhood. Essentially, they’re looking for you. Let us help get you guys connected!

Advertise your services, products, or create a branding campaign. Small or large, send your message by way of classified listings or with display advertising in a variety of sizes and in multiple sections of the Flyer.

We make it simple. Some clients come to us without logos, brand direction, color schemes, or a call-to-action plan, and that’s OK! Our team will help you create a design that fits your advertising message, and at no extra cost. We don’t nickel and dime our customers – every package includes graphic design and basic copywriting should they need it. (we’re certainly not a replacement for a full-scale marketing company, but we can get you started)

Advertising doesn’t have to be a painful expense that weighs on you for 6 months to a year, our advertising agreements are short and built with flexible options.

Tell us a little bit about your project. Whether you’re looking to us to be your only avenue of advertising or just plan for us to be a piece of a larger campaign, we’ll find the best fit for your business.



The Fresno Flyer goes just about everywhere. It’s a monthly newsprint magazine with locations spread throughout Fresno and Madera counties. We’re in high traffic areas using highly visible street boxes and newsstands.

Locations include college campuses, restaurants, coffee shops, public transportation, convenience stores and various retail locations. Advertisers know their ads will be seen by thousands.

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