//Bob Dotson Lecture

Bob Dotson Lecture

Thursday, July 19 at the John Wright Theatre – 7 pm

Bob Dotson has traveled more than four million miles, crisscrossing America almost nonstop for half a century, searching for people who are practically invisible—the ones who change our lives, but don’t take the time to tweet and tell us about it. His long-running series, “The American Story with Bob Dotson,” was a regular feature on “The Today Show” until his retirement on the 40th anniversary of the day he joined NBC.

The former NBC National News Correspondent is one of the most honored storytellers of our time. A New York Times best-selling author, Dotson has won numerous awards for his journalism and work. His book American Story: A Lifetime Search for Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things details his amazing journey across the country. Weaving in the life lessons of others and his own personal insights, he creates a larger image of the American Dream playing out wherever he travels. His career in journalism has provided him with valuable insights into both the craft of storytelling and the human experiences that shape each narrative. Bob Dotson has made a career out of giving a voice to heroes that have been invisible. His work is a reflection of the heart of America.

 Bob Dotson’s lecture concerns past and present—his incredible experiences give audiences the chance to re-envision their country and its citizens.  In a world of soundbites and shallow journalism, he strives to capture the heart of his subjects. His latest book, Make it Memorable, concerns the larger craft of visual story-telling, and is taught at universities across the country. His own history is as impressive as any of his subjects on American Story, and he is prepared to tell it all.

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