//CBD for a Healthy & Happy 2023

CBD for a Healthy & Happy 2023

By Veronica Lemos (The Artist Tree)

You may have noticed all the media coverage CBD has been getting and the plethora of CBD products on the market today. Hemp derived CBD products come from hemp plants, which may contain no more than 0.3% THC, and are widely available for sale at drugstores and other retail locations. In contrast, marijuana-derived CBD products come from THC-producing plants, contain varying amounts of THC, and may only be sold at licensed cannabis dispensaries. Marijuana-derived CBD products are generally considered more effective for therapeutic use than hemp-derived CBD, because the THC in the plant compliments and intensifies the effects of the CBD.

Want to experience the benefits of cannabis without an intense high? Try one of the many CBD dominant products we carry at The Artist Tree Fresno. When paired with low doses of THC, CBD can provide relief for a wide number of health issues, including anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and inflammation. Here are some of our top product recommendations. 

Kin Slips Park Life Sublingual Strips 10:1 Ratio

Kin Slips offer a discreet and convenient way to consume CBD with very little THC. Simply place one of the herbal flavored strips on your tongue and let it dissolve. With a 10:1 ratio of CBD to THC, these sublinguals help you melt into relaxation with very little psychoactive effect.

Care by Design 40:1 Gel Caps

Looking for something you can consume on the go? Try Care by Design’s CBD 40:1 Ratio Gel Caps. They’re perfect to pair with breakfast in the morning to ease anxiety during the day or before bedtime for a deep, relaxing sleep. These tablets contain the highest ratio of CBD to THC of any product we carry, so they are perfect for anyone with little to no cannabis experience. 

Wyld Strawberry 20:1 CBD Gummies

WYLD gummies are one of our customers’ most beloved edibles. Made with real fruit and a tasty Hybrid terpene blend, these gummies are a delicious way to get all your CBD needs with 20 mg CBD and 1 mg THC per serving. If you want a deep relaxing body high while your mind stays sharp and alert, then this is your go to gummy. 

Care by Design 18:1 Vape Cartridge

Want something that is quick acting with a dosage you can trust? Try Care By Design’s half gram 18:1 vape cartridge. It’s easy to carry and easy to use, plus you will enjoy a terpene rich flavor with every inhale. If you have some cannabis experience, but are looking for minimal psychoactive effect, this vape product is an ideal option. 

CANN Blood Orange Cardamon 2:1 Ratio Beverage

Fruity & spicy, CANN’s ready to drink beverages deliver on flavor and relaxation. With 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD, this refreshing beverage is a tasty treat that will leave you feeling light and relaxed. Sip just one, or enjoy a few. Either way you will be elevated with no hangover – perfect for kicking off a healthy New Year!