//The Artist Tree’s Guide to Smoking Devices

The Artist Tree’s Guide to Smoking Devices

By The Artist Tree

Cannabis consumption has evolved tremendously since the days when joints, pipes, and bongs were the only smoking options. At The Artist Tree, we encourage exploration and creativity through our wide array of products and consumption devices. Allow us to introduce you to the next generation of devices. Whether you prefer concentrates or flower, we guarantee there is a device for you. 

Puffco Proxy 

Are you a concentrate connoisseur? The Puffco Proxy is a unique portable, modular vaporizer that provides broad flexibility for your cannabis consumption experience. Tradition meets innovation with an elegant, ergonomic glass pipe that cradles the Proxy’s unique removable base, allowing you to customize your experience with an ecosystem of compatible Puffco accessories. Pair it with our wide variety of live rosin, crumble, diamonds, and hash.

Dr. Dabber Switch

Not sure if you prefer flower or concentrates? Switch from flower to oil in record time with the Dr. Dabber Switch’s patent-pending induction technology. The Switch is consistent enough to vaporize top-tier solventless, with no terpene degradation, and powerful enough to run through any dried leaf materials. Its 25 different heat settings will keep you dialed into any level of consumption, from the casual to pro. With just the flick of a switch, you can elevate your unit from a top-tier flower vaporizer to a concentrate consumption powerhouse, and did we mention the Self-Cleaning Mode? Versatility is our specialty.

Puffco Hot Knife

Tired of your ordinary dab tool? Give Puffco’s Hot Knife a try. The Hot Knife is an electronic heated loading tool that makes loading your concentrates a simple, clean, and effective process. It’s a worthwhile investment for any daily dabber

Puffco Peak Pro Guardian 

The Guardian is a limited edition Puffco Peak Pro that provides the ultimate experience in concentrate consumption technology. Featuring a chrome aluminum alloy band, metallic transparent silicone base and Art Deco style glass, the Guardian Peak Pro comes with an innovative 3D Chamber to preserve the quality of the oil.