//Fresno Collect-A-Con on December 9

Fresno Collect-A-Con on December 9

by Lisa Talley | lisa@fresnoflyer.com

A signed poster of Iron Man by the late, great Stan Lee. A 1984 Topps Dan Marino rookie card. If you’re a collector, you know what these are potentially worth – either monetarily or personally. Finds like these are few and far between, but occur in the most unlikely of places. You’ll never know where they’re going to pop up, which is why a collector is always on the prowl. 

Just ask the man behind Fresno’s Collect-A-Con, Dave Fly. Before the days of Collect-A-Con, Fly was a planner for Frank & Son Collectible Show. One year, a man showed up with a van full of vintage Star Wars figurines, hundreds of unopened Boba Fett ships to be exact. And in case you’re wondering what something like that could be worth, a single unopened box goes for (at the time) $300 – $500. Now, they’re worth upwards to $1,000 – and that guy was offering up the whole lot for only $700. Fly walked away with van-load full of rare items at a steal. 

Over the years, Collect-A-Con has been a staple in the community of the Central Valley – the stomping grounds for those diehard hunters of all things vintage, rare, and collectible in the comic and pop-culture worlds. On December 9, collectors and fans can find the event at the American Legion Post 509 in Fresno.

“My favorite thing about these events is the comradery between us dealers and the people. A lot of customers of ours have been coming back to us for years, and it’s always good to see them coming in. It’s all about the connection between everybody … that’s what has kept me going for almost 30 years,” shared Fly about why he continues to do what he does.

Collect-A-Con will be a one-day-only event that offers a playground of memorabilia, collectibles, comic books, figurines, and guest appearances by comic artists and even an original Glow Girl. It’ll be a place where vendors, collectors, and fans can get together to trade, sell, buy, and share a mutual enthusiasm for Marvel, DC, and pop-culture favorites.

Fly brings his expertise from all over the country, having hosted similar events in New York, Atlanta, Vegas, and Los Angeles. But he won’t just be bringing his experience, Fly will be at the event with his vintage Star Wars items in tow. Wonderland Comics, who have been working in tandem with Fly to get the event set up this December, will also be in attendance with a wide selection.

Fresno Collect-A-Con, formerly held at the Piccadilly Inn, has moved to the American Legion Post 509 where it can accommodate larger tables and a bigger crowd. Entry to the event is only $3 (kids under 12 are free). There is no set schedule of events and patrons are welcome to attend at any time during the event – 10 am to 3 pm. However, giveaways are set to go off every hour, every person receives a raffle ticket at the door. Prizes include toys, comic books, autographs, and memorabilia. So, you’ll want to be sure to stick around even if you don’t hear your name on the first draw! 

The American Legion Post 509 is located at 3509 N First St, Fresno, 93726