//Questions About Concentrates?

Questions About Concentrates?

By The Artist Tree Staff

Looking for a new cannabis experience with more terpene taste and potency than a pre-roll or flower? Or are you an experienced dabber looking for premium concentrates? From shatter to rosin, The Artist Tree cannabis dispensary in Fresno has got you covered. Not sure where to start or need a crash course on what these words mean? Let us guide you.

All cannabis concentrates are either created with or without solvents, and extraction methods affect the texture and potency of the product resulting in diamonds, hash, rosins, and crumble. At The Artist Tree, we have a carefully curated and extensive selection of solventless cannabis concentrates. As an added bonus, we offer 25-50% off top concentrate brands weekly!

Rosin also known as “live rosin” is created without solvents. Pressure is used to create this extract giving it a texture similar to honey. The extraction process involves pressing dry cannabis buds with pressure and heat, resulting in a pure, terpene rich flavor. Rosin is considered one of the most natural concentrates available. In particular, we recommend Dab Logic Live Rosin Badder and Rosin Tech Labs Cold Cured Rosin. Both are top of the line quality, guaranteeing a luxurious smoking experience.

Ice Water Hash. Another solventless option is ice water hash, which is created without any chemical solvents – only ice water, freshly frozen cannabis, mesh bags and agitation to shake off the trichomes. It is a fantastic and flavorful way to consume, and we are big fans of Papa Select Water Hash for cannabis purists.

Shatter is known for its stiff taffy-like texture. Shatter is distinguished from other concentrates by its heating and cooling process. This process gives it the texture dabbers love as well as potency rates as high as 90%! With brittle shatter, precise dosing can be tricky, so start slow and build. One of our favorites is KOROVA’s shatter due to its consistent taste & clarity.

Diamonds. Looking for high potency? Give diamonds or sugar a try. Diamonds resemble a crystal that is slightly transparent. With a potency rate between 70-95%, diamonds are about three times the potency of cannabis flower. We especially love Cresco Live Sugar, which is derived from fresh cannabis for maximum cannabinoid and terpene retention.

Budder, also known as wax or crumble, has a creamy soft texture that is the result of a whipping process that helps the chemical solvents dissipate. THC percentages and flavor profiles of budder cross a wide spectrum. When less whipping takes place, the end result is a creamy badder. When more aggressive whipping occurs, it results in a dry “crumble”. Dosing of budder and crumble is easier than other forms of concentrates, because the texture is malleable and easy to get on a dab tool.

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