//The Artist Tree & Canna Beverages – A Perfect Match, Redefining the Edible Game

The Artist Tree & Canna Beverages – A Perfect Match, Redefining the Edible Game

At The Artist Tree, we curate cannabis products, art installations, and community events that celebrate exploration and creativity. It’s a gathering space designed for locals, visitors, enthusiasts, and newbies to explore art and culture through the lens of cannabis. We are serving up some of the best edibles in the game, including a wide variety of canna beverages.

Becoming more conscious of the effects alcohol has on your body? We have a solution for you.

Skip the cocktail and sip on a cannabis infused beverage instead. You’ll have all the creative and social benefits without any of the hangover woes. Cannabis beverages offer a quick onset and absorption, allowing consumers to feel the effects much quicker than other types of edibles. New to edibles? We have some light “microdosable” options. Are you an experienced stoner in need of something a little heavier? Don’t worry, we have you covered as well. We thought long & hard about which beverages would guide our customers to unique and new highs – here is what we came up with.

 1)Keef Cola – With flavors like Original Cola, Blue Razz, Bubba Kush Rootbeer, and Orange Kush you can’t go wrong sipping on one of these. Each contains 10 mg of THC for a perfect single serving dose. Serve them up Artist Tree style by adding a scoop of your favorite ice-cream for the ultimate Root Beer Float experience. Indulge your inner child and inner stoner!

2) Artet – Enjoy an Artet non-alcoholic cannabis infused beverage with a blend of botanicals that taste delicious on the rocks or when mixed. We are a huge fan of the Mango Ginger Spritz (5 mg THC per serving) with a spicy salted rim and a squeeze of lime. Think mango margarita without the headache or high calorie count. Cheers!

3) Koan – Koan Cordials are precisely dosed liquids designed to invigorate your body and stimulate your mind – perfect if you like a lighter dose. Feel free to mix with other drink ingredients or sip directly. With a wide variety of flavors, you can count on a delicious and predictable high every time.  At The Artist Tree we like to play around with these low calorie delights to make some delicious canna-cocktails that are sure to impress any guest or consumer.

4) WUNDER – Are you a canna pro looking for a euphoric and uplifting high? WUNDER offers their “Higher Vibes” variety with 10mg of Delta-9 THC and 10mg of Delta-8 THC per serving. With refreshing flavors like Blackberry Lemon and Watermelon Basil, WUNDER offers a full body high for the body, spirit and mind. They are only 20-50 calories each making them a great low cal alternative!

5) Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops – Looking for a tasty beer alternative? Say no more! Lagunitas drinks offer a bubbly mix of hops & cannabis at 10mg each. Light, refreshing & citrusy, swapping out alcohol for THC has never been better!

6) CANN – For a lighter dose of fun, give CANN a shot! With a flavor that’s unmatched, CANN offers a nice gentle high you can build up. Each 2.5 mg THC drink is designed so you can have 1 or more to customize your experience. Enjoy natural flavors like Blood Orange Cardammom and Pineapple Jalapeño to get a different kind of buzz. In addition to the THC versions, The Artist Tree Fresno offers free non-infused samples for a refreshing treat.